SleepingBags creates premium products made from end of life luxury hotel
bed linen. Our range includes sleepwear, bags and soft furnishings and every
product tells a story.

We reimagine these ‘washed to perfection’ fabrics by applying strong design
and brand values to create Moments of Wonder™ – unique experiences
full of stories and memories that become an integral part of the luxury travel

We have four guiding principles:

1. We don’t believe in waste – we look for the most direct way of re-imagining
to save resources where possible.

2. We strive for improvement – we believe better is better. We never stop
trying to improve what we create and the world we live in.

3. We create beauty – everything we make has a strong sense of aesthetic
and we work with the best people in the world to create the ultimate in luxury.

4. We are committed to total transparency – we believe in sharing our ways.
Nothing is hidden. Feedback makes us better.

SleepingBags was started by visionary entrepreneur Andy Marks, who had
a ‘eureka’ moment over a sunset cocktail on a beach in Thailand, when a
hotelier friend described how often luxury hotel bed linen is retired.

Alongside Andy are Sir John Hegarty chairman, and Carol Smith
SleepingBags product director.

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